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Originally Posted by alternating.bit View Post
Thanks charlycharlzz for the education (:

I have an old pair of AKG studio K240s (55 OHMs)... But while it sounds nice and has clean highs and a good ambiance altogether, there is like NO bass to be spoken for, so in the end, I don't care for them anymore.

I see my Ultrasones are 32 ohms... makes me curious how "bad" a leap to 250 ohms would be, but anyway, it's lame that the 32 ohm DT770 cost $250.

I'm not sure what I'll do... perhaps a few months from now I'll splurge on the 32 ohm DT770 and see how I like the sound. I can always return them.

Yhea well dt-770 80hms would be more for dudes that use them on a lot of diferent sound source for exemple ; guitar or bass emp or dj mixtable , pc , sound card , mix board and synths because all these got different power outputs and amps system.

32ohm would be perfect for Balance or those type of sound cards and would be verygood into direct audio out from computers .

I would say that dt-770 dont have much bass it's more a natural sound for sound design and it's hard to do the mixing with them if you try to focus on drums and stuff , for that use I would say take some headphones that are made to lissen music on like them new beyerdynamic (custom one pro) these are crazy my friend and can give you crazy results , order them first if it's for global sound work because dt770 is more to design sounds or to check a mix when you finished at the very end to see the real sound then to work with them all the session .

custom one pro are not a studio model but for using on a computer or a home studio sound card you even may have better results worth trying before dt770 unless you whant a pair only to check details now and then and work with another pair model . dt770 is really the ultimate to check things but I rather use my sony mdr-v150 at 20 euros to make the beat first (more power , more the hi-fi norm) so I may get those custom one pro .

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