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Exclamation How good is your ear?

I'm trying to re-create the bass synth during the chorus in Taylor Swift's song "I Knew You Were Trouble" for performance purposes.

I know that the sound was more than likely made with NI's Massive (which I own), but I'm trying to recreate it in Reason. The closest I've come in the short time I've spent on it is the "Basic Analog" wavetable in Thor and automating the wavetable position.

By itself it doesn't sound right, but it seems to me to have the right ingredients to make the sound. It just needs the right EQ & distortion.

I'm asking for your input because I know that my ear is nowhere near perfect and if someone with more experience than me can hear something I can't, I'm open to it.
Just trying to make this sound as identical as I can.

If anyone has any input (Reason or Massive related) I'm all ears.

I've attached my project file so far. I'm only programming the parts not played by a live band so it's a bit sparse at the moment.

Song file (with reference):