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Originally Posted by AnthonyMichaelAngelo View Post
All of these suggestions are nice, but when it comes to efficiency, they're terrible compared to the feature I'm suggesting. Why would I need to go into a whole refil when I can just click a drop window (like the snap-to-grid) and highly all the piano roll keys of a certain scale & key?

And the suggestion to have the "note correct" function is even worse I think. Then it teaches to just play random notes lazily and they'll be in key. It'd work well as a live performing device for sloppy keyboard players (like myself, who is a drummer/guitar player), but not as an audio production engineer.
As noted above, the "note correct" is optional. It's the default, but AutoArp ships with a patch called "force me to learn" where all the notes are set to "stop" when you play an incorrect one, which is a good setting for learning a new scale. Plus the note mapping module can be toggled off all together, allowing you to utilize the Arpeggiator/Sequencer modules based on your own input, while the visual display of the notes in the scale is still there for reference.

I'm a guitar player myself, so I couldn't care less about impressing people with my precision keyboard playing. I'll bust out some classical guitar playing if I want applause. But when it comes to sitting down to Reason, I really like not having to worry about being a good keyboardist. Like I said, if you want to be strict on yourself, that's an option. If you don't, the scale correction is very useful I find.

"Why would I need to...?" Because PH hasn't seen fit to add the feature you're requesting. So I did. Sure, it's not as elegant as being integrated into the sequencer/piano roll itself, but I suggest you give AutoArp a trial as it has many uses. Live performance being only one of them. And with 64 scales and 65 chord types, that's probably more options than PH would put in anyway (judging from other DAWs I've seen which usually have about 5-10 scales and maybe 5-10 chord types).
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