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Sonic Elements Releases - Malstrom Essentials ReFill

MALSTROM ESSENTIALS is the second in a three part Refill series created by experienced Refill Sound Designer Shaun Wallace. Each release will focus on a different synthesizer in Reason. Malstrom Essentials contains 10 production ready combinator templates. These carefully crafted templates will easily help you combine various Malstrom patches to create thick basses, searing leads, and LFO infused madness. These combinators will also help expand upon your existing libraries. There are a total of 90 variations of the combinator templates. There are a total 100 Combinators and 220 Malstrom patches.

Combinator Patches Demo:
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Single Patches Demo:
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This refill represents a wide array of genres. There is heavy emphasis on exploring the depth and sonic possibilities of Malstrom. These sounds capitalize on the potential of Malstrom. You will find gritty LFO infused chaos. You will also find ethereal and progressive sounds that will set your productions apart.

Quick Facts:
  • 320 Total Sounds ($30.00 USD)
  • (220 Subtractor Patches | 10 Combinator Production Templates | 90 Combinator Variations)
  • Compatible with Reason 5 and higher PC/Mac
  • Modwheel and Velocity mapped on every preset

To purchase Malstrom Essentials and Subtractor Essentials at a special discount click here:
Malstrom and Subtractor Essentials - Specail Bundle Offer ($40 USD - 27% Off)
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