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Request For Reinstatement

I have one doubt, my account was blocked several times and I always follow the information's that was send it to me by email to unlock the account.
Me and my partner work together making music and we bought Reason 6, witch one gave 50 % of the cash to buy reason, and I have the pen to access reason and He access Reason by the online account.
In several times we had enter in the account at the same time and I was receiving the notifications that some other person was in my account but I know it that was him.
Today I had received a email with a PDF called "Request For Reinstatement"...and in the last point of the PDF was written "reason for terminated license agreement"...but I don't want to terminate my license agreement, I just want to have my account unlocked....what do I have to do right now?
Sorry my bad English.

João Pedro