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Assumptions aside,

#1. I officially submitted no less than 5 tickets trough the PH help system.
#2. I am not a neewbie, and have several donglied software that works just brilliantly.
#3. I have several pieces of software that initiate their usability online, and works perfectly.
#4. Using the Codemeter dongle on my Macbookpro present no issues at all, and I can purchase RE's
#5. And no, when putting it back in my studio PC, it doenst recognize any RE's on the dongle.
#6. Does the Studio PC know it's there, 100% confirmed, even R6.5 knows, as it let me start it without doing any other initiation (web auth. or demo)

Like I said, I think it's the ability of the WIBU Codemeter to communicate trough certain systems.
And I am talking to them directly. If it is resolved I will let everyone know the procedure.