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Originally Posted by Arsenic View Post
I made my post based on the fact that you made an absolute, blanket statement that Chrome and Firefox do not work. They do, therefore your comment was incorrect.

You also make the assumption that I had not read the thread, which was another incorrect statement.

The general attitude of your posts, leaves much to be desired. If you would rather wallow in the self pity of your situation, be my guest.
I am not trying debate semantics, I never said it didn't work for you, but it is of no help to me, other than dangling the fact that it is working for you, which could be argued is arrogance...but I will take it as a misunderstanding.
If you read all my thread posts earlier, you would see that I have tried, Chrome, IE, Firefox, and none of the worked for me, so my assumption then, wrong as it might be, is that at least you didn't read those particular posts.

But anyway, just venting my frustration, not to be confused with anything else.