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Originally Posted by moofi View Post
actually I listened from that cigarette on through the complete mixtape. very good work. I like the mixture, the use of sounds, the feeling, saying, simply everything

Guess it already is kind of that way, but in case it isn´t, I would put it in one story with crossfades between the songs, being one long journey. Anyways, I was enlighted by your music.

From DJ Spooky I recommend "Songs of a Dead Dreamer". Actually been the first eletronic album I bought in 96. It´s aswell a complete journey. This is I dare to say the most famous one from that album:

Well thank ya. This is a pleasant surprise. Great idea on consolidating it all and crossfading. I may indulge.

And oooh, cool music. Thanks for sharing that.

Originally Posted by moofi View Post
btw the given downloadlink doesn´t work
Here you go:

Originally Posted by chefdick View Post
I really like your work. Most of the beats are very smooth and honey for my ears. Track 4 is one of my two favourites... very great and peacefully athmosphere. Track 8 is my other favourite... the old school-drums in combination with the sample are amazing!!

go on and keep the vibe alive
Thanks a lot mate. Honey for your ears sounds great to me. The Gypsy is one of my favorites too. That sample is all original.

I will continue on with the travels.

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