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For stereo sources you can use the Stereo Imager, but I've bought the Stereo Splitter for mid/side. Works a bit better IMHO. Polar can help, with octave spreading. I've found that Echobode can do things to widen too.

For mono sources:

I have a couple:

Haas with Tape Echo wobble in Kong
Just the simple Haas effect but I create the delay with Kong's Tape Echo. You can dial in some wobble so the stereo effect to me is more stereo IMHO. I always dial down the Reso and give full Freq when I use the Tape Echo of Kong but you can experiment with it, remember that the Kong output is a little higher than the original so you have to adjust it on either Kong or the 6:2 mixer I use. You can also use The Echo for this with extra effects.

Split signal into High and Low
Sometimes this works, I split the signal with the Stereo Imager. I use both outputs on the back and route both to a 6:2 mixer, hard pan left and right. Dial the imager to split the freq left and right. Works great in combination with Haas. I only use the Stereo Imager as a freq-splitter here, I almost never use it for it's original purpose btw.

Wet and Dry
Split the signal and hard pan left and right. Give one side a room reverb full wet, easy on the decay. You can do this with lots of effects, sometimes a chorus/unison works great. (I tend to use the chorus of Thor a lot for this).

I discovered you can widen with the Alligator. Hook up an Alligator to your mono signal. Flip the rack and connect CV cables from Gate 1 out to Gate 2 in, from Gate 2 out to Gate 3 in, and from Gate 3 out to Gate 1 in, now Alligator let's all audio pass. Now you can use the effects on the three lanes in Alligator, I tend to drop the volume on the middle lane till zero. Pan the High and the Low hard and play with the delay, phaser and drive knobs. Just use different settings for both sides. You can even use the Eq of the Alligator but that'll change the character of the sound too much maybe. I use the Alligator if I want to do something radical.

If you create a stereo effect with one of the above techniques it's sometimes cool to automate certain knobs, I use the global pan knob on the SSL a lot, just to "move" the sound more.

Set up a stereo pair in a room and record
Really easy to do! If you have a couple of mics you can use for this (I sometimes use a M/S setup) in a good sounding room, do it!

I have two big PA speakers for this, but any speaker will do. I place each speaker in a spot I like and feed the same mono source to each. If you have a mic pair that you can move around while recording you can try that out as well! Just experiment with this one. This is the best stereo effect you'll ever hear!

I almost always stick a Stereo Splitter after these applications, to get it wider.
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