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Hello Guys,

I hope it won't be very off topic, since we all make music here and most of us use SoundCloud.

I'm developing a music listening and discovery desktop app based on SoundCloud. It makes discovering new music easy, but I'd focus now more on the useful sides for musicians:
- you have an Artist gallery tab, on which you can collect specific SoundCloud users and track if they uploaded new stuff. There are lots of plugin developers, sound designers, free sample resources, manage them there.
- history for searches: if you found something interesting, you can return to that search list with a cick.
- you can create playlists any synch them between apps and access them in the browser.

There will be a mobile version soon.

Maybe you could give me some feedback, I'd really like to see this app go mainstream. I have many plans with it and I hope I can build a small team to take it there.

CloudDeck: Music discovery and listening tool for SoundCloud
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