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Originally Posted by JiggeryPokery View Post
It's not that the Hartmann Neuron is over-rated: it's that it never worked long enough for anyone to be able to rate it!


One of the original Neuron designers bought back the rights from whatever mess it ended up in several years ago, but to my knowledge has done sod all with it.

The problem with doing the Neuron in software is that it uses some intense mathematics, and is unlikely to work well with RE - I mean, just look at the amount of bitching PX7 gets in limiting automation ability in order to improve. The original keyboard with it's Celeron processor didn't handle it very well, and the VST beta version barely worked at all.

Still, it would be interesting to hear it again on a modern PC - they're probably powerful enough to actually be able to do it now. But I can't imagine it running well as an RE, however cool it would be to see it resurrected there.

I know the Neuron VST with Nuke Controller had a hideous Memory leak issue but I didn't think the Neuron was all that buggy - they sold very few units though (David Sylvian) used one for quite a while - you can hear it all over Blemish for example.