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Originally Posted by vivadangermouse View Post
Are you referring to subgroups with the SSL mixer? If so, then I'm afraid it isn't possible yet.
that is not entirely true though.
you can create a 14:2 Mixer and connect the direct outs of your resxpective mix channels to it, enabling you to compress the sum, EQ etc...
Only soloing, muting can become problematic, because the respective channels aren't linked properly.
I therefore recommend to have a dedicated template mixing session, in which you saved Keyboard overrides for example like this:
have the numbers on the top of your keyboard solo your drums and mute them when holding shift. That way you can quickly solo/mute all your drums in one swipe with your finger.
same goes for instruments, vocals etc, just make sure you don't accidentally override keys you actually use very often.
If you use this technique it will propably come in handy, to also have dedicated shortcuts for Mute all off and Solo all off.
Also there is EditEd4TV's fantastic CV grouping method

anyway grouping maybe a bit cumbersome yet, but not entirely impossible!