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Originally Posted by Borderline View Post
There's loads of other stuff out there already... check out Frank Bretschneider, Ryoji Ikeda, Alva Noto.

Pretty futuristic and genre defying...
Yeah, that's good stuff. I think part of the appeal of electronic music for me is that a lot of it is hard to nail down so far as a specific genre or category is concerned. It all falls nicely under the 'electronic' umbrella. The House music scene was much the same when it first really exploded. There were a lot of different sounds but everything was just House ..... then Techno, then Garage, then this, then that ..... fast forward a few years and the music press have gone genre crazy! Beyond that people now make music to fit a specific genre. So the creative boundaries are restricted ever more within a specific discipline. Go outside the boundaries & if people notice they'll slap you with another genre label (sub-genre!!). Crazy & I don't believe it's very good for the music at the end of the day.