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PX7 performance issues/request


First of all I LOVE Reason, been with you since the beginning, ported all my Kurzweil and old Yamaha gear to Reason (2002?) and toured happily with my lap top ever after.

I recently purchased the PX7 rack and started to play it with my MalletKat controller and was almost immediately disappointed. I can't roll many of the sounds, if I try to roll on one note it misses many of the hits making what I play more like Morse code than a roll. All I want is to be able to play The Black Page on it like I used to on my TX81Z or 802, Dx7 (I still have a TQ5 in a box some place) with rolled notes...

Others are also distressed by this on the forum, can U fix it???

Best, Amy Knoles

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