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Originally Posted by ayello View Post
I don't agree at all.
i m not a fan boy.
I have ears too.
I came from Protools + Plugs : Fm8 , Massive, Kontakt etc.
I would n't say that Reason Sound better than this stuff,
To me Reason is different, it get his own sound;
Yes , it request IMHO a little tweaking everytime, but how many wonderfull Massive patches are really useable ?
Reason offers the chance to personalise deeply each sounds , i don't talk about the stability, no need.
I recently re open Protools for trying a trial version of a Rtas plug , and i had to run away quickly, i was horrified with the interface and the workflow.
The other day , i was need an harpsichord sound, and i was first disapointed with the stock sounds, but after some tweaking, i achiece a sound that i prefer now than the ones a have in Kontakt who are supposed to be top notch.
Of course every improvment in the Reason sound quality will be welcome, but to me it already sounds awesome today.


"to me reason is different, it gets its own sound"

+1. I have tracked the same setup in my studio to all the DAW's I own. no processing and what i get is a 'different sound' in Reason.

DARE I say Fuzzy. Perhaps there is some algorithm that is always on when you 'bounce' the tracks? whatever the case, there is something. . . just not scientific enough to state.

by the by, I use reason as my primary DAW. ease of use over what i can get quality sound wise out of other DAW's is what keeps me. There is something not quite as 'robust' sounding when mixing in reason compared to other DAW's.