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Originally Posted by jlgrimes View Post
I think you are definitely wrong concerning the samples. Compared to other libraries of similar size, Reason's factory sampled sounds sounds pretty good.

I heard a track DJ Toomp did for Kanye West using the Reason Stock NN19 sounds (he didn't even use the NNXT sounds much) and it sounded very high quality. I am not even talking about the quality of the mixing engineers. He played the Reason project which sounded pretty close to the album.

Also keep in mind too that a lot of Reason's synths are old. Subtractor is 2000 technology, Malstrom is 2002 technology, Thor even is 2007 technology.

Also keep in mind that Props always tried to be CPU efficient so they did sacrifice on certain areas like lack of oversampling.

One thing I did was start doing projects at 88.2khz to compensate for this which seemed to work well.

All of the Reason synths are nice when you know what you are doing with them but Reason is not instant gratification when it comes to sounds.
I agree with that Reason could be a lot better for the money. My maschine sounds better compared to any sound produced in Reason, also my mpc 1000 sounded better than anything produced and in age comparison its around the same.
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