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Originally Posted by Ostermilk View Post
Do you have any test data to support your claim?

I'd venture a like for like comparison will cancel out to nothing on a phase inversion test.

If you have any data to back you subjective claim up I'm sure the props would love to hear from you via a support request.

Otherwise without any supporting evidence we can all assume you are spreading complete and utter misinformation.

The only place I would say there was a difference is if you are exporting at a lower sample rate than your project and using the built in exporter to do the conversion. You may be better served doing the sample rate conversion in another app. that's provided you can actually hear a difference. There are actual tests that show that but it's very minor if not neglegible.

Meanwhile can someone pass me some of that popcorn?
Propellerhead needs to do that research. The only way Propellerhead would head the warnings the users are giving them is if the users stopped buying and switched DAW's. Money talks.
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