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Originally Posted by scoobyman View Post
Pacific Deep. I like that. You guys really capture the spirit of the genre.
Took a while to come up with a name. At one point we thought every permutation of words was already taken for a band name somewhere :-)
Pretty happy with this though, as the deepest ocean is shared by San Francisco and Auckland.

Originally Posted by Dave909 View Post
Really great song Raymond! You guys have the 80's synthpop sound down to an art. Enjoyed listening!
Thanks Dave We shall continue practising!

Originally Posted by pirnikas View Post
Very nice 80's style music - this is a very cool tune. Like the vocals too. Enjoyed!
Thanks! Yes Carl did a great job with the vocals!

Originally Posted by mastertonyd View Post
Both of your styles blend nicely!
Thanks Tony!

Originally Posted by billymcbride View Post
Well done. Congratulations on working so well together to put it all together just right. Enjoyed the song. Nice work Raymond and Carl.
Thanks Billy! Liked your comment on SC. Carl wrote good lyrics eh.

Originally Posted by techdm View Post
Sounds good, for sure.