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Originally Posted by phoenix690 View Post
I was just using Reason's to work on a film score project and got cluster fu_ ed when I wasn't able to breakdown the Orchestra into sections /subgroups to adjust levels... for example the brass section, the string section, the percussion section, the piano, etc....

Now i've got to look to other resources without the same quality sounds.... that sucks!!!

C'mon power's that be at Propellerhead, some of us composer's rely heavily on software that caters to a composer needs in this case that would be four to eight bus tracks on the SSL mixer. A mixer without mix buses is unheard of. What is this the stone age?

8 mix buses would be an amazing addition to Reasons 7.0 and undeniably establish the fact that Reason's is a workhorse made for professional use/ every and all projects and is not a toy.
I agree, Mixbusses/subgroups with linking capability would be a very welcome addition to Reason.
in the meantime: