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Originally Posted by Waif View Post
I agree with that Reason could be a lot better for the money. My maschine sounds better compared to any sound produced in Reason, also my mpc 1000 sounded better than anything produced and in age comparison its around the same.
I also own Maschine. I disagree that the sound Maschine has sounds better than "any" sound in Reason.

Maschines drums overall do sound better than Reason's drums (which you'd think it should) for electronic drum kits. The SP 1200 and MPC 60 emulations are nice.

But I think Reason has better effects overall. Reverbs, Compressors, sidechaining (Maschine can't side chain easily).

Maschine comes with a basic selection of Instruments which actually overall sound pretty decent, but Reason's factory library has waay more to offer overall.

I think a lot of Reason's sounds get looked over though because many gems are hidden.

And Reason is also a synthesizer which Maschine isn't. (Although I think the newer version of Maschine comes with Massive).

If you'd said Maschine+Komplete sounds better than "any" sound in Reason, I would still disagree but probably wouldn't have comment because that is a more valid comparison. Maschine+Komplete is a monster of a program.

That said we are both in agreement that Reason could improve its sample libraries.