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Originally Posted by only1sincere View Post
At the current moment, I've been using Reason 4.0 (financially haven't been able to upgrade).
With income taxes I may be able to finally upgrade...question is, should I get Reason 6.5???
(is it REALLY as 'tight' as they make it seem)
Going from 4 to 6 will be a huge upgrade for you. The highlights:

1. Kong (more drum sounds)
2. OctoRex
3. Blocks
4. Recording Audio
5. SSL mixer
6. Neptune
7. Sampling
8. Pulveriser
9. The Echo
10. Alligator
11. The few free Rack extensions you'd get that available to all Reason 6.5 users.
12. 64 bit (able to handle more than 4 gigs of Ram).