Thread: The maximizer?
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The maximizer?

Been a bit suprized that the maximizer so easily results in distorsion..
Used to wavelabs that dont..

I know that if you have the "wrong" mix with peaks and to little of filtering get you a bad sound.. But still.. If you put a limiter on in the end and raise the volume it shouldnt end up in distorsion. Actually I skipped the mastering in reason and took a "friendly" wav to wavelab for the loudness with punch, compressor and limiting since it too often sounds ok in reason but when listening onthe wav you hear distorsion. Yeah.. 4ms look ahead, fast and fast + 0.0 db output gain on the maximizer is set. Sound looks Ok in reason but wav result have distorsion. IMO that is crap.

You should handle the mix OK to get levels and all right and use limiters in a "wise way" but still.. even if you dont you shouldnt get distorsion. Pumping, bad sound.. OK.. thats fair. Distorsion? No..

But that is what you get far to easy IMO.

For me it seems like a bug.

Ozone works fine