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Originally Posted by Tizzybanger View Post
This guy moves in slow motion but watch how fast he get into making his beat. If I sample from a record I have to sample it in audacity because recycle dont record fix all my LOOPS save as WAV move over to recycle to chop them up then move over to reason to start the beat. If my samples are not right I have to go back to recycle do some more editing then the process again in reason....

You can record directly into Reason or Record, chop up the recording in the sequencer, bounce the chops to new samples, edit them in the F8 tool window, and load them in a sampler.

The only thing that ReCycle is needed for is if you want to create Rex loops. If you need to tweak a non-Rex loop beyond what you can do in Reason, bounce it to disk, use Audacity, and re-import it.

Btw, I'm not saying the MPC isn't worth it, as I don't know.

It just sounds like you're using a workflow left over from the Reason 3 days, before Record came out.