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Give us the tools we need

We need utilities! Give us a six or an eight band parametric EQ of a quality nature with different selectable EQ curves and filters. We need noise reduction utilities. We need a mono switch on the master out. We need better compressors and limiters. We need channel grouping. We do not really need anymore instruments from you, leave those to the RE developers so if people want more junk they can have it. I believe that Reason does not have the capabilities that most D.A.W's have....and I believe this because I use your software! but your software forces me to use other software with far superior editing capabilities and better utilities. If you would only put your focus into these areas I also believe you might just take the D.A.W world to a new level in combination with what Reason already has. Please listen to us! and stop with all the useless bullshit devices that don't really do anything but ruin good audio. Make us believe that your company cares about everyone of your customers not just the music makers. Who knows, maybe we'll see some more capability in another 10 years or so.