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Originally Posted by EnochLight View Post
I don't want to come off brash, but we should be thankful that we're getting what we have with the relatively small company that Propellerhead has remained to be. Propellerhead are probably the closest thing to a "family owned business" in this industry, as far as I know.
I like Props the company but when it comes down to making music most of us should go with what works best for us. Idk this comes off almost as if we owe Props gratitude beyond supporting the company with our dollars. I think some of the complaints about Reason people make are very valid. Some are also silly and will not happen because of what Props are trying to do and have always tried to do. For example midi out and vst support doesn't really go with the vision Props has for Reason and probably won't happen but things like busses on the SSL emulation itself, intergrated sample slicing, better audio editing, ect are very viable and should be expected since Props expect us to use nothing but Reason.