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Originally Posted by jlgrimes View Post
I actually thought Reason 4 was the best upgrade though.

Thor + sequencer improvements. Doesn't sound like much but Thor was a huge step over subtractor and Malstrom. And I thought Props sequencer pre 4.0 wasn't that good.

I wasn't that into 5. 6 was more a consolidation than an upgrade. 6.5 just added REs. But I think the biggest value of upgrading is to get all of the extra functionality that came with Record into Reason.

Its the jump from 4.0 to 6.5 what makes the upgrade huge.

Also while REs are not free, they are one of the best things that happened to Reason. You can now customize Reason to your liking whether you want better reverbs, compressors, eqs, choruses, synths etc.

Every RE won't be for everybody but there most likely will be at least a few you will be like "Oh my. I must get this."
We differ a lot I can see. I prefer the original Reason sequencer and still do. Reason 5 is my favorite Reason update mostly due to Live sampling and Kong. Blocks were useful too but I don't use them anymore really except for maybe drum patterns when I am working in Reason stand alone which is very rare these days. If I had to pick an order of my fav Reason updates it would be.

Reason 5
Reason 6.5
Reason 3
Reason 6
Reason 4
Reason 2.5
Reason 2.0
I didn't own Reason 1.