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Originally Posted by Tizzybanger View Post
You quoted what I said but didnt really read it I stated those three things I mention above were being requested for some years now.......How can MIDI out be half arsed???? MIDI out has been requested for over 10 years and you know this so according to what you just said they been working on MIDI out for over 10 years. And advanced audio editing which they already know how to do because recycle is already advanced at editing audio should of been done inside of reason for better work flow. ok they answered the VST situation with RE...Im not even going to speak on the threat part because its not a threat and im just one person they not worried about me....You said reason is the second best selling DAW after protools with that said they can hire more people so they wont be a small company right.
well if MIDI out is happening it'll fit in the rack metaphore. If it doesn't it's half arsed. I totally agree with you about Recycle being advanced audio editing software, but that also must somehow fit the rack metaphore in order to work in reason. RE is the closest thing to VST you'll get in the Rack, because VSTs don't fit in there.
I have no idea about marketing, but they have very strict design guidelines and very strict policy about what, how and when they do it. And that is very obvious.
I'm not against integration of those features at all, but a lack of those features have never stopped me from doing something I wanted to do.
speaking about the size of the company, I'd personally prefer to work in a small company, because you know the people, have a healthier atmosphere and the people can be paid more money, which will likely encourage employees to work better.
anyway I don't see a reason in fighting about this.
good luck on your sale