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Originally Posted by joshuajohn89 View Post
Perhaps, then, such a feature would be better implemented in the driver rather than the DAW itself, while Reason would merely provide the option to make use of the feature when it is detected as being available.

Also, waiting for the processor to max out before attempting to lighten its load is clearly not a good idea, so a threshold would have to be employed instead, I think.

Anyway, I am simply brainstorming here. I am not yet convinced of the suggestion's supposedly fatal shortcomings.
Yeah, it's not you I'm having a dig at, you're looking at both sides of the argument, which is fair enough.

cyclic frequently posts far-fetched ideas, and often ideas that are already quite achievable by actually thinking through a problem and working around it. It's a symptom of the "spoonfeed me" generation where a few people want every little thing done for them. The only feature he hasn't suggested yet is the "Create #1 Hit" button.

It's like 96k in live performance. Seriously? I'd be quite surprised if there was any other artist on the planet who uses a computer on stage running a 96k sample-rate. Most of us still can't manage 96k full-time on high end desktop rigs!
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