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Originally Posted by JiggeryPokery View Post
There is not a single RE developer who'd like another synth in Reason 7. Props simply can't do that now. You see Props have the advantage that they could do techniques in Reason native that they and the rest of us can't (yet?) do in RE.

If they did another native synth now, especially one with features not available in RE, it would be like all RE devs co-funding a PH product that they're unable to create themselves and to compete with.

The same goes with other devices types. How would Blamsoft feel if R7 had a midi-2-cv splitter? How would Brian feel if R7 had an AutoArp clone? How would I feel if R7 had super-spiders?

This isn't like VST: Props earn money on every plugin device sold.

So Props can sell new RE devices in the Shop, but it would be a massively unfair advantage to bundle them free in Reason upgrades. They'd be insane to try it.

So I imagine R7 will be under-the-hood enhancement and usability upgrades, you know, like, um, Midi Out perhaps?! Heck, if we're lucky we might get ReXen!

@OP: there's a wide selection of excellent utilities, compressors, limiters and equalisers in the PropShop.
I don't agree with what you're saying. I'd like props to revamp a few stock devices, RPG8, Mclass suite, Malstrom possibly and any other stock devices that would benefit from a revamp. But that's not allowed? You RE developers are allowed to update your devices so why can't the props?
If propellerhead include two new devices in the reason 7 upgrade that kicked ass, not possible in the current SDK, I would be much happier than paying more money for RE's that don't come close.
But I think you are right that props will focus on the other aspects of reason, features like auto-rex slicing, video sync etc.. Rather than actual devices.
Kind of annoying that RPG8 won't get the update though because I don't want autoarp, I want an updated RPG8.