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Originally Posted by JellyF View Post
I went to a propeller head seminar and they then said that their goal is to improve the workflow with every single update they release.
And it seems about right that now that you can buy your RE we don't need new instruments. What we need, and what Reason needs to be able to keep it up with Pro Tools and Logic for example, is better workflow, better editing.
Completely agree, I just don't think they should abandon the idea of updating their current devices because some of their stock devices need it. Propellerhead themselves release new devices and it's good because people can choose wether they want it or not. I want to get radical piano because it adds something new to the rack and is pretty awesome but I wouldn't expect something like that to be part of a reason 7 upgrade.
Rack device updates don't even need to be part of a major update to be honest, maybe a reason 6.6 with just some devices seeing an overhaul.