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Originally Posted by JiggeryPokery View Post
I think you're confusing what I'm saying about new devices with revamping old ones, they are not really related. Yes, it might be kind of annoying not to get updates to existing devices. But no-one that I'm aware of has suggested anything about not "allowing" Props to update their own devices! That would be crazy talk. However in practice there have been very, very few additions or improvements to native devices: ReMix EQ, a Combinator improvements, OctoRex, a couple of NNXT changes. I think that's about it!

Given that, after tax, Props earn up to 20% of the price you paid for a third-party RE, it would be nonsense for them to introduce, say, a 5-tap delay module as a native device in Reason X: it would kill sales of Urs' Uhbik-D and the 20% they've earned on each Uhbik-D sold would have effectively funded it. Now, if Props release a 5-tap delay as an RE in shop, then that's different, as it's a competing product in a free market.

This essentially applies to all devices in the shop.
My bad Because I want RPG8 to be updated I thought that would go against the auto arp, an Mclass update would go against all of the similar products but ye I pretty much agree with you now that I understand you fully. That's the beauty of the prop shop, not having to wait for a major update to get new devices and I've bought plenty of useful RE's since it's launch (your M/S RE included) and there's still some RE's I want to get but I'd be happy to see some revamps as well because it's just as important.