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Originally Posted by Tizzybanger View Post
Yes I know I can do everything and more then MPC studio do within reason. But I cant do it as fast I have to use multiple programs and lots of mouse. When Im chopping samples in recycle by the time im done and move them to reason I lose the flow of things. Also I cant hit my pads and edit at the same time. Its alot of other things to. Yes the MPC is far from being complete but where its at right now is crazy

This guy moves in slow motion but watch how fast he get into making his beat. If I sample from a record I have to sample it in audacity because recycle dont record fix all my LOOPS save as WAV move over to recycle to chop them up then move over to reason to start the beat. If my samples are not right I have to go back to recycle do some more editing then the process again in reason....

it's tru that recycle is not easy and not very handy , a easy way to place bars and a integration into reason is what I expect for R7 but are they going to be ready for that big change and will they agree that users should have it for free ? what is shure is that a integrated version of recycle into reasson for free in R7 will make Reason a great value pack and make R7 super atractive , I wonder what type of other improvements could they do if doing such thing one day

on the over hand it's tru that a mpc is made to make easy fast beats but then it's a way but I would use both to make crazy beats if possible , you could make samples of bass or brass or anything from saw to sine into reason making crazy sound designed samples with special fx and export the samples to load them back into mpc studio softwares that could be cool and after a few days you will make those samples at the same level of the mpc ones for perfect sound integration !
that could be crazy and very interesting

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