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just to answer all answers LOL.
i see at least a few people have my thoughts nice post poster to the point
and good comebacks
i agree small company selling heaps of licences
not sticking to just the one product ie all other things they sell seperately
hmm big profits for the boys
how much do people need to live on without being greedy .
one last note remember they have given nothing for free
and get paid big bucks to be doing it
either they all get big bucks or the bosses get big bucks lower ranks get shite.
someone gets big money along the line and they do not have sole attention on reason
they also wonder off to all thier other pies please people .
maybe they need to hire a single team for reason only
godsake rome was built quicker than they have developed reason !!.
think about it.
demand the best youll recieve the best and accept nothing less.
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