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Originally Posted by joshuajohn89 View Post
setup being something akin to playing the same project on two different computers running at two different rates while identical messages from the controller are sent to both rigs, while playback from only one of the pair is heard at any time. The default player would be that of the higher sample rate, but would switch to the second whenever it is detected that the primary is running too hot. The only difference, then, between such a setup & my interpretation of cyclic's suggestion is that the latter would be managed internally by a single computer.
OK. the 2-computer setup "works" - issues aside on how to automatically switch to the lower-rate computer when the higher-rate one fails.

Hence, I get the the idea of that scenario running on a single computer.


Originally Posted by joshuajohn89 View Post
The multiple cores of a modern workstation are essentially multiple computers working together, are they not?

Problem is, one instance of Reason running on a multi-core CPU utilizes all cores - that is, the various processing threads in one instance of reason are spread across all of the cores.

So it's not like the 96k computer-too-slow issues is happening on half the computer while the other half sits there idle - the other half thus being available to run the 88k scenario.

The 96k scenario is taking advantage of all available cores/memory/etc - and is none-the-less running out of processing there is nothing left to run another instance at 88k.

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