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Originally Posted by KevWestBeats View Post
Many Reason users do not want those features believe it or not. I use vsts all of the time and I don't care about Reason having vst support or midi out and I do not see them coming to Reason any time soon. Reason is meant to be self contained. Audio made sense because its still self contained and an essential part of the music making process. I would prefer to see bussing on the SSL and better audio editing and a few more improvements to the core DAW features than vst support or midi out.
Have you been reading the forums because the three features I was talking about is in high demand in here. Maby not VST support any more becuase of RE. Have you seen the poll for MIDI out VST support is not a big deal for me but it is for alot of other guys. Im not really having a problem with the reason features im having a problem with the reason work flow and I personally think the new MPC studio/ren is better in the work flow department. My major problem with reason is audio editing. Everything I use in my music is sampled so I do alot of audio editing. I seen a dude sample in the MPC studio and select a option to chop it and his loop was instantly in his 16 pads all he had to do was fix the begining and end of each chop and that was that.