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Originally Posted by Dogboy1973 View Post
In all seriousness, I've listened to your music on YouTube & I really like it.
Thanks man, I appreciate it!
Originally Posted by Dogboy1973 View Post
I'd be seriously looking at something like the new Moog Sub Phatty. It's a third the price of the Virus (well, it will be when it comes out), is completely hands on & has an amazing range of sound that I think would compliment your music really well. Much more so than the Dark Star .... but that's just my opinion. Horses for courses.
Hmmm that looks pretty snazzy, I'll definitely consider it! It's not like I can even consider buying the Viru$ I just hate how the Moog has so FEW keys. 49 is a minimum for me.

Originally Posted by LondonSoundMan View Post
Sometimes i think it might be cheaper to become a full time alcoholic
LOL - yeah, I spend waaaaaay too much money on music. And I'm not even talking gear, but regular purchasing of records/CDs.
Originally Posted by danfarmer View Post
You get a lot of that instant gratification with the Panorama P Series. Instant flip switch on and providing reason is already on ( which it is on my machine, all the time )... Not only does it control my patches, but it controls literally everything else in Reason AT the flip of a switch.

I don't miss hardware synths at all especially since the P4.
I really get the feeling I'd like the P4... but I really love my Akai MPK61 too much now, so maybe years down the road I'll look at the NEXT Nektar, if you know what I mean.
Originally Posted by pjeudy View Post
Antidote + Scream distortion is my Virus TI Darkstar. Until I can afford the real thing.
Hmmmmm interesting... I'll have to try that. I'm currently rather unhappy with the Antidote's factory samples, and I haven't tinkered much with it yet, to be honest. I just bought it quickly to take advantage of the sale price.
Originally Posted by charlycharlzz View Post
I got a minibrute for 550 dollars and a 2nd hand sh-201 in perfect comdition for 350 dollard so you should maybe buy the ms-20 or something unless you can explain to me why 3000 box ?
Yeah, I was really looking at the minibrute, and the would be a much more realistic option. The Roland is beautiful, but it's almost too much of a performance machine w/ the beam hand motion gimmick and mp3/ipod input which just turns me off... and the ms-20 has all the patch plugs (way too techie for my blood).

Dreams aside, I do hope to get something REAL this year. Just to fire up and play, but also to record some stuff into Reason. We'll see. But it looks like no one here is giving me money so... :P
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