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No offense, and not wanting to rain on your parade, but you do have to put things into perspective.

A friend of mine went to see bands play on Thurs, Fri, and Sat, and wrote a column reviewing the performances.

Then he started getting 1-3 demos a week in the mail, listened to them, and started writing reviews of the demos as well as the live concerts.

Then he became known as someone who would review a demo album, and very quickly received 100+ demos per day in the mail.

Lets do some math.

100 demos submitted per day, randomly pick 1 song per submission, averaging 3 minutes per song, you are talking 300 minutes = 5 hours of listening per day, plus the time to write a review...

This, instead of what you do to make your own money? -not going to happen. ...gets out of hand really quickly.

A well know DJ makes money being a DJ and does not make money discovering another DJ.

So, what's the best way???

-Next time you have lunch with your connection in the music industry, make sure they are aware you are interested in breaking into the industry.

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