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Question The state of mainstream djs on radio...

Hi all, what do you think of djs on radio 1 in the uk, are they total sellouts that wouldn't know a good choon if it bit them in the ass! Have you heard the latest drum and bass by djs like Crissy criss and friction, it don't sound like real drum and bass like it did in 1994 to 1998, it's got 2 step beats that are programmed and hardly use real breakbeats, you get more trancey synths or more techy, basslines that are either fartbass or distorted way too much! Some of it I like some I don't! Don't get me wrong I'm all for evolution of music but it sounds too commercial now! I prefer real underground music! Also what you think of Mistajam and his dubstep, it just sounds like distorted noise to me. I find there ain't much variety on night time radio 1! What you think guys?