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Creating FX patches for Audio tracks


I went thru' the manual of course but I'm still missing something

the basic idea is to create FX patches (which inslude several FXs) for a given audio track

so far I've only been able to insert single FXs but to me it feels they're a cascade of single devices rather than a single patch..
my goal is to have a single FX made by several devices ..
Thing is I need to create a unique processing sound as I used to do with Live ... and now that I'm really fascinated by Reason I want to do the same here ... the FXs I made with live shaped the tone of my previous release .. now that I'm working on my new album I want to shape a new "overall tone" by creating a series of FXs..
this all-in-One thing is pretty much what happens with the combinator ..but I need to use it on an audio track..
and so far I haven't been able to do it...

thanks for the inputs!