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I've been reading here for a few years almost daily actually. I think most of those people just want Reason to be every other DAW out there. When you use another DAW and come back to Reason you understand what's really going on here. I am not saying midi out is bad just saying its not their vision. I also think its silly to buy a DAW get mad that a feature is not there that hasn't been there in 12 years and get mad at the dev for not adding it after you bought it. It hasn't been there in 12 years! Anyway I can find just as many people against a lot of these features as I can for them and that still will not change the fact that its up to Props. As far as sample based music a lot of stuff does exactly what you are describing. I was recently having the debate on to buy the Mpc Ren or not and ended up with Maschine because the Ren software is buggy as hell. Most Akai software just does not work right. Hell the Mpc 1000/2500 software was so bad and lacked so many features that a 3rd party developer developed his own OS for it lol. I don't think anyone actually uses the stock OS for the Mpc 1000/2500 they all use JJOS. Ableton Live does the chopping really well too and its just a right click option. Giest is a vst that does this by default and there is even a free version at Just throwing that out there so you don't drop $1300 on a broken drum machine.

Me personally I dont want reason to be any other DAW I want reason to be what it is but some features are just apart of music creation. Again I love reason it is great for sound design and lots of other things my major problem is work flow. In my opinion the maschine is finished once akai gets the software right. Every software that comes out is buggy at the begining. I know about akai software and their track record but I really believe they are going to go hard on the ren/studio because they really have no choice. The MPC was the main instrument for HIP HOP if they want to keep it that way they know what needs to be done. Kev I wasnt even planning on getting the REN for 1300. After research the akai MPC studio $600.00 + akai EIE pro $200.00 = REN Total $800.00 you still will get protools express wich comes with the EIE Pro and two of the software programs that come with MPC studio. I really believe I will get the $800.00 total down to about $700.00 at the end of the day. They only other thing that the ren has on MPC studio/EIEpro set up is turntable hook up and vintage mode button but you can still use the vintage mode with mouse in the software. So any one that buys the REN is buying because they like the look of the REN not because it does more then the studio. When I said I want to sell my current set up it was only to get the MPC studio/EIEpro with out coming out my pocket then once reason update to 7 or 7.5.3 I would buy it again And the only way I would by again is if I can use both. MPC studio/ren has no rewire support the only other way to combine the two would be for reason to add MIDI out so reason can be a master DAW if Im not mistaken. Thanks for the heads up on the other programs but I made my mind up the MPC studio is a winner in my book WOW 8 BANKS = 128 chops I love it And the audio editing is the best on the market right now with the 1.3 update By the way nice meeting you I just realized who you was I learned a few things from you on the tube

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