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Originally Posted by KevWestBeats View Post
I've made sample based hip hop in Reason for years. The workflow isn't much different for sampling now than it is else where except for that other tools have better autochop features. If you need autochop skip Props products because you are right they suck at that for hip hop producers but they offer a lot of other great things too if you are into sculpting your own sounds within the program.
I have been making sample base music in reason for years my self. The work flow is different KEV auto chop feature is crusial at this point. I want to sample from the TURNTABLE or where ever and atleast 5 minutes later im banging the PADS not an hour later Yes im into sculpting my own sounds but my main thing is sample chopping. I love chopping samples but its no fun doing it in reason. Look all they have to do is intergrate recycle with the best auto chop feature and thats that. We will now have four windows. The mixer---The rack---The sequencer---The recycle Also it would be nice to controle your blocks with a PAD. If your playing block 1 and change to block 2 block 2 should start when block 1 is finished it shouldnt start in the middle of block 1. See its things like this that pisses me off