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Originally Posted by AnthonyMichaelAngelo View Post
I'm diggin this preview to the album. I was JUST talking about wishing I had an awesome Lounge/Jazzy voice. This I do not have, but I will always enjoy it.

Panties drop from these voices. Well done.

Thanks, AMA! I have been enjoying singing this material. A lot easier on the old pipes than prog-metal and hard rock.

But also, the writing, arranging, instrumentation... that's been exciting from a different angle, and of course Reason has been incredibly fun as part of that process. I've mentioned in other threads that I love how Reason is letting me just get down to business (in a fun way) without having to overthink anything about the UI.

And being able to mix on a virtual SSL...

We'll see how this whole "panties dropping" thing goes.