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Originally Posted by Tizzybanger View Post
Can you guys please drop the BOMB on the world. Every time I see a video of another DAW they seem to be leaving us way behind. Akai is moving along with the new MPC and the software is a little buggy wich is normal but the things it do is out of this world. I seen a video of a guy who sampled from a record and was making his beat in 3 minutes flat. When I sample from a record I have to record it into one program get the loop or loops perfect then move it or the loops over to recycle to chop them up (wich recycle is way behind now because all daws have great chopping features thats why you might as well intergrate recycle because the sales are going down anyway. ALL DAWS have MIDI out!!!! Reason not having MIDI out forces me to buy and use another DAW why cant reason be my master DAW. Akai has been slowly reeling me in with the MPC REN now 1.3 version its looking real attractive....I was going to buy it but I decided to wait and see if reason 7 is going to be a BOMB or a FIRECRACKER. A few things propellerhead should do: Buy out NEKTAR or intergrate the company into propellerhead before steinberg or someone else do it. Partner with a company that make audio interfaces. And dont look back......The new thing is controllers that really controle the software out of the box and have built in midi/audio interfaces.....and the first one to make it stand alone is going to make alot of money. The panarama p1 should of had 16 pads on it and audio/midi interaface with hook up called LCD OUT I can go on and on because I love reaon and want our program to be the best in the world. I been with reason since 2002 I argued been called all kinds of names been insulted and a everything else because I use it instead of fruity loops or some other program....LETS GO PROPELLERHEAD DROP THE BOMB PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I agree, but remember this key?

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