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Hey thanks Zac! You have a new follower on SC!!

Yeah I got that Mix Channel tip from Gary Bronhom as he was helping me with the finished details on my shimmer combi. He had been with The Edge on some recordings so we said route your send into a new mix channel and send it into itself for that lushness The Edge has. What a great guy.
[edit] I just realized the track in my sig has that shimmer...that high pitch shimmer is triggered from the vox channel (automated) which goes into a shimmer combi, into its own mix channel, and then the shimmer is mixed separately. Does that help the OP?

So, to the OP feel free to make your combi patches and save them. The one thing people coming from other software don't realize is that Reason has so many possibilities you wouldn't normally think of coming from other DAWs. We sort of get 'trained' for lack of a better term.

I find it very hard to go back to SONAR now and use Sends as an example. Reason feels freeing.
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