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Heard very little good about the new MPC range from neutral sources. The word on the street is that NI Maschine destroys it, and Live with an APC does the same, never mind what Live+Push will do or Maschine backed up with Komplete. Everything I've seen clip wise shows the software as looking cheap and apparently all the stock sounds are terrible, along with poorly conceived instruments.

Before you do this, you should consider the possibility that ditching a program as powerful as Reason in favour of any of the new MPC range, could be what is technically termed as a "fucking terrible idea".

If I were you I would slow down and maybe wait until the next Reason release, or alternatively until you get a chance to get an extended trial run on an MPC Ren/Studio/Whatever. Maybe you will genuinely be better suited to an MPC, but the evidence so far is suggesting that they just don't come up to standard at all, and you'd be throwing a pro-level music workstation away for the sake of picking up a pro-level gimmick.

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