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Talking [WIP] - The Reversed Life | Update

I just uploaded a new version of my song the Reversed life. Alot of things have changed and I remastered it to establish where I'm going next. It was liberating, the song is much punchier now. Also I have made a 31 Band compressor with ReQ131 and alot of compressors (re's) I think the result is kinda good! Very clear! Im going to release this patch on this forum soon.

This is a work in progress. Its sort of a pop song with Psy elements, this is why I call this Genre, PsyPOP. Let me know what you think of it!
I am really curious what you think of this new edit!

The todo list is huge but i wanted to post the layout of the track because i like the result so much.

1. Record proper guitar solo [In progress]
2. Record spanish guitar solo
3. Write lyrics/ vocals
4. Record proper lyrics/vocals
5. Add Symphonic instrumentation
6. Spice up the Psy
7. Think if i have other ideas
8. Final Mixing
9. Final Mastering

02/12/2013: Remastered and used a 31 band compressor patch to test it.
02/08/2013: Added 2 new guitar layers.
02/03/2013: Added guitars and monk voice recordings.

Composition: Taco Schepp
Spanish Guitar: Taco Schepp
Slide/Electric Guitars: Hernan Bovo

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