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Originally Posted by something View Post
Any help from a Windows user would be helpful.
I searched on Google but can't find any manual how to setup that JackAudio with VLC and Reason.

Nonetheless, i still find it a real shortcoming in Reason that Reason does not capture everything what goes in and out trough the soundcard.
Wether it's a audiostream from online radio, audio from a movie/audiofile played by any mediaplayer, VOIP call, whatever.
Propellerhead Reason should be able to record it....

Thanks anyway for thinking with me
Originally Posted by BonezMcCoy View Post
It seems you forgot to route audio from VLC to Reason. On a Mac, we call it creating an aggregate device and then routing audio from one virtual audio outout to a virtual audio input. I use Soundflower to do that. Under Windows, I think you need ASIO4ALL or something and an application like JackAudio. This way you can set up virtual audio connections between different applications. Hopefully a Windows user who does that will pop in and help you with more details.

Hey guys, found this threat..

I am trying to set up Soundflower to samples sounds from melodyne into Reason - much like the following vid:

I can get the sound sampled into Kong ok but cannot hear any playback while im sample. I have no soundcard and am just using maca minijack in & out.
Is it possible to create this setup without an external soundcard

many thanks,