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Education/Academic Download Version of Recycle 2.2

Greetings PH Folks and Forum Folks,

I have been a Reason fan since 2.5 and I've faithfully done every upgrade. I got hold of a, what I didn't realize at the time to be, bootleg of Recycle 2.0. I played around with it and got hooked. While I upgraded Reason, I never got around to doing the same with Recycle (I started creating music without my OWN loops and didn't need it).

Well, NOW, I want it. LEGALLY!

I'm glad that there's FINALLY a downloadable version of Recycle for the Mac but I don't see the academic version. As I am (permanently) tied to an academic institution (replete with the poor pay), I am eligible for this discount (I believe). I'd LOVE to be able to download Recycle instead of going through the post, etc.


The Coolest Virginia Reason Fan

P.S. Sorry for the long post!