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What can I expect from my PC using Reason 6.5 & Balance performance wise?

hello new here.

Just wanting some input.

Looking for something new and wanting to head in a new direction as a singer songwriter and I like what I see with reason and balance.

My PC is custom built for audio production and is several years old. So before I get lots of recommendations that I should get an i5 or i7. Please Keep in mind I don't have the money right now for a new power system as I'm saving. I want to know what I might be able to expect running this system with reason 6.5 with balance. Is it do-able or should I not waist my time? any input would be great. anyone still running one of these older systems? what kinda of performance are you getting? Hitting CPU walls?

This is an older rack Pc but it's been a work horse and stable. It's dedicated to music production only, never on the internet and windows 7 64 bit has been tweaked to not hinder audio production performance.

My Current Pc Specs are :Running Windows 7 64 bit

Intel Quad Q6600 "4 x 2.40Ghz" 64 bit
Chipset: 1066 / 1333Mhz FSB Intel P35 Express Chipset
Memory: 8GB DDR2 Dual Channel
running three seperate drives
Sytem Drive 500gb 7200rpm
Audio Drive 500gb 7200rpm
Sample Drive 500gb 7200rpm

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