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Originally Posted by Tizzybanger View Post
This is why I typed all this stuff to begin with I have to spend money or use something else just to make things work in reason all they have to do is add the features needed so we can have a master DAW......DAMN
Everything is like that. Most DAWs need vsts because the sounds or fx they come with are lacking in some way. The mpc studio you are looking to buy is lacking in many DAW features. The big difference is with a traditional DAW most people don't mind because they know they can probably find a vst to add or replace the missing or low quality function in their DAW with a better quality version. You'll see soon enough though but from what I have seen of the Mpc Ren/Studio and from my limited time with Maschine you really want a DAW to run with them. Hell I run Reason as a rewire slave most of the time even.